2021 - Together we can.

With 2020 behind us, there is no doubt it was a very changing year. We’re excited to move forward. Whatever changes we face, we can only do it together.

We invite you to join FACT as we build our new brand. Honor and pay tribute to our past, celebrate the present and move forward with hope. 

We plan to roll out our entire positive dialogue program in the spring of 2021. Please feel free to browse the site as it undergoes development. Soon we will be zooming in directions light years ahead.

Please give us your feedback, thoughts, and suggestion. We’re looking forward to working together for the community.

A Conversation About HIV+COVID-19

Session one in our Positive Dialogue series – Good news for positive living. 

Coming January 28, 2021

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBTQ+ Community Center and Fact Bucks County have partnered to present the first in a series of online conversations, which spark real conversions about positive living and the effects of HIV and COVID 19.

We will be answering frequently asked questions, providing suggestions for local resources and support services for care management, mental health, and testing. We hope to give our communities the tools to stay healthy.

Our community outreach goal is to provide facts and information. To give individuals living with HIV the tools to make educated choices for a positive living.  

They are reaching out to individuals living with HIV and those at high risk of contracting HIV. 

They will be hosting an online VLOG that offers group discussions on the most frequently asked questions about HIV+COVID. Our diverse panelists are professionals and everyday people who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen Up & Watch

Part of our plan is to establish a VLOG and possibly a podcast that will feature interviews with local individuals who wish to share their stories and messages of inspiration. 

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